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Our videos show people laying their forearm in the curve of our handle, pulling the door open, and walking thru the door while the handle returns to its 'Start' position.

The presence of our PATENTED hands-free germ-safe handles for optional use on hi-traffic doors gives us all a new advantage in the war against germ transmission.                              Our handles are always there for you!!!.  


Our Healthy Fingers ArmPull and ArmPush pivoting door handles are easy to operate, completely safe and will allow you to avoid hand-to-face contamination/sickness caused by unhealthy standard grab-handles. Placement of our optional-use handles on school restrooms and high-traffic doors will help prevent children/community sickness. 

For a FREE workplace demonstration, please contact us at:

Healthy Fingers or call us at:                                 805-445-4869 (Camarillo, CA)

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